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Incase you are just hearing about our company, The Pillow Of Stones, Our name is based on a beautiful story in Genesis 28. It follows a story of dedication to give back to God what he has given to us. We choose different missions and causes that give back in love to our world and donate ten percent of our profits to help get the work done.

Angelcare is our current ministry spotlight. They are in need of support to finish a beautiful dream of helping desperate young women in need of long term pregnancy support.

From their About Us page!

​Angelcare house is currently under construction, with the hope of opening its doors in 2020. For now they are acting as a community bridge to provide resources for those in need.

Through Gods grace and guidance Angelcare seeks to provide these young parents support that doesn't end with the birth of their child. Whether they choose to raise this child or seek a new life for that child through adoption, Angelcare is committed to spend 2 years with these young people. Offering assistance with counseling, providing resources for; childcare, insurance, housing and nourishment for the body as well as the soul. Saving babies one mother at a time with His love and direction.

The goal is to direct these young people to the pillar of cloud God has set before them. Finding out you are going to be a parent is always daunting but even more so for people so young! Lift them. Love them. Hold them accountable. Remind them. Prepare them. Support them. If they seek Him, He will be there. If they seek Angelcare, they will endeavor to be His hand.

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