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    We are passionate about Love. Not just any kind of love...the real world changing love of Jesus.  At The Pillow Of Stones we try our best to help those who are out there changing lives and really rocking the love business. We believe a little goes a long way, so we donate 10% of our profits to a special mission or cause each month that we believe to be world changers. We hope to educate and encourage folks to get involved with a mission that strikes true in their heart. So when you shop Pillow Of Stones, you can know you are helping to make a difference for someone....or a lot of someones lives. Thanks for helping us make a difference by empowering the world changers. 



We post about our monthly sponsorships every month 

on our facebook page and blog. If you want to learn more about 

our chosen world changers, or have a recommendation

for sponsorship please visit us at


Or Email us at 


Thank You for Visiting Our Online Experience


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